6 Tips for Choosing Long-Lasting Furniture


    6 Tips for Choosing Long-Lasting Furniture
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2018/3/7 9:19:29

How do you know you're really getting a good deal during a furniture store's "Going out of Business Sale"? Follow these tips from Huateng furniture to ensure you won't have buyer's regret once your new addition comes home.

    1. Shop locally: For small quantity and personal usage, it's better buy it from your local furniture store, Not only will you save on shipping costs by choosing companies who keep their sales and manufacturing processes in a small geographic area, but you'll also help stimulate the local economy. But if your quantity is large or you can find more friends to increase the quanity, you can directly purchase it from the furniture factory to save your cost;

    2. Look for quality: A good quality item is one that will last you as long
       as it will take to reproduce the raw materials that go into the
       construction of that item.  Look for a manufacturer's warranty that
       you can live with. And also, furniture which looks as good on the inside as
       it does on the outside is a sign of quality.  Pull out a drawer!

    3. Google your local handyman: Look for items that are repairable.  Not only
       is a repair greener for the environment, but also it can be less costly
       than purchasing a new item.

    4. Think creatively: Before plunking down your hard-earned money on a
       gorgeous item, consider any future alternative uses.  For example,
       yesterday's TV armoires are today's bookcases and stereo

    5. Get comfy: Your salesperson is your best resource in a furniture store,
       and you should not feel obligated to oblige a salesperson who makes you
       feel uncomfortable.

    6. Don't settle: Furniture is an investment which should not leave you
       second-guessing yourself.  If you cannot find a piece of furniture which
       matches your needs, you may find customization to be the best option
       despite the increase in cost.

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