Leather Chair & Sofa Care Tips


    Leather Chair & Sofa Care Tips
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2012-3-1 2:28:26

Comfortable and luxurious to sit on, leather is also durable, and a good quality leather sofa should last for years. Compared to a fabric sofa, a leather sofa does require a bit more care and attention, but if you get into the habit of regularly looking after it, you can help a leather sofa remain in peak condition.

1. Cleaning Dirt
Carefully clean a leather sofa with a vacuum cleaner. A brush attachment is ideal for removing dust and dirt and for keeping the leather clean. For light dust on the leather, gently wipe clean using a damp cloth, taking care to dry the area afterward and avoid leaving any wet patches, as water can stain the leather.

2.Sunlight and Heat
Position your leather sofa so that, where possible, it is out of reach of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat, such as a fire or radiator. Both sunlight and direct heat can cause the leather color to fade. If the only place to put your sofa is near the window, installing blinds in the window can offer protection to a leather sofa and reduce fading.

3.Conditioning Treatment
Invest in a leather conditioning treatment and apply it to your leather sofa every six months or more frequently if required. Furniture stores sell specialty leather conditioners--your salesperson may have offered you one when you purchased your sofa. Follow the instructions on the product bottle or packaging. Avoid using any other general furniture cleaning products, as many are not suitable for use on leather sofas and make the leather sticky.

4.Spills and Marks
Use an absorbent, damp cloth to wipe off any liquid-based spills on a leather sofa. If a mark appears when the leather dries, polish off with a dry cloth. To remove oily spillages or other marks, add a mild, natural soap to the cloth and rinse off with cold water. Dry thoroughly.

5.General Care
Take care of a leather sofa by regularly rotating the cushions, which helps even out the wear. Avoid putting anything sharp on the sofa, as sharp edges can dig into the leather, leaving unsightly marks, and discourage children from playing with toys while sitting on the sofa

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