5 ways for how to take care of stainless steel furniture


    5 ways for how to take care of stainless steel furniture
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2018/3/7 10:12:25

The stainless steel furniture is simplicity, atmosphere, fashion, nobility and durablilty, but if you do not know how to take care of them, it will lost it's beauty during long time, here are 5 ways of how to take care of them for your reference:

1. Dedusting

It should be often dusting because the dust will stick on the surface of the stainless steel furniture every day. It is best to use clean cotton knitwear as a rag, such as the old white T-SHIRT or the baby cotton cloth. Remember not to wipe your furniture with sponges or tableware cleaners.

2. Moisture-proof
Although stainless steel has anti-rust function, it still avoids placing furniture in damp environment as far as possible, if there is web with liquid on the furniture surface, please wipe it with dry cloth immediately.

3. Anti scraping
The surface of Stainless steel furniture through the grinding and polishing treatment, sharp hard thing can scrape of the it;

4. Cleanliness
If there is paint or dirty thing covered on the furniture surface, please wipe it with a clean dry cloth wet wipe or stick a small amount of neutral detergent to clean, do not use strong chemical agents to clean cut

5. Glossiness
In case the surface of stainless steel lost luster, you can choose a dry cloth, and put some talcum powder on it, then wipe the furface of the stainless steel furniture, please do not use steel wire brush.

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