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Product: 181 Cloth Lounge Chair
Model: HT-C928
181 Cloth lounge chair has a visual linearity and soft, welcoming structure.
Product name: 181 Cloth Lounge Chair

1) 181 Cloth lounge chair has a visual linearity and soft, welcoming structure.
2)Item code: HT-C928
3) Jehs+Laub's armchair is the epitome of extreme and deliberate simplicity.
4) Its visual linearity, a characteristic of Huateng products, gives way to a surprisingly soft and welcoming structure when one sits.
 Almost frail in appearance, Cloth expresses an original blend of minimalism and functionality.=
5) A project with which Huateng looks towards the future, it demonstrates a complete consistency with its roots, values and design culture.
6)The extreme comfort of the seat is a result of expert construction processes. Slits and intriguing ribbing shape the internal supporting fibreglass frame with polyurethane foam padding. 
7) The fabric or leather upholstery, in combination with polyester wadding, is easy to remove thanks to two hidden zips that run right around the perimeter of the armchair.
8) Cloth is available in single colour or two-tone versions. 
9) Designer: Jehs + Laub
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